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Test pilots
List price: € 14,90
Discount price: € 9,90
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Technical Details

Format: DVD
Number of discs: 1
Region: 0
Product code: cdv6117
Run time: 90 circa'
Aspect Ratio: PAL 4:3
Audio format: Stereo 2.0
Language: Italian, English
Subtitles: Italian, English


Invita e vinci!

Test pilots

They are selected among the best Top Gun... Everyday they risk their life.... They do something that no other pilot manages to do....The extreme flight is their job! The daily life of a test pilot starts from where a regular fighting pilot cannot succeed. The test pilots’ skill is to fly with the most advanced techniques, performing manoeuvres which challenge physics.

To each reaction of the plane there is a reaction of the pilot which, if wrong, can change "the routine" into a tragedy.
This extraordinary programme give the opportunity to spend a day close to a real "test pilot" to discover how limits can be exceeded, flying with the most powerful planes in the world.

Special Inserts:
BEYOND THE LIMIT: The fly with the F22 and the B2 (two specials 20’ each)

Video Format: PAL 4:3 and letterbox
Audio Format: Dolby 2:0
Area: All
Language: Italian and English
Subtitles: Italian and English


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