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Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman - The great mysteries of mankind
List price: € 29,99
Discount price: € 22,49
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Technical Details

Format: DVD
Number of discs: 3
Region: 2
Product code: cof4042
Run time: 320'
Aspect Ratio: PAL 16:9
Audio format: Stereo 2.0
Language: Italian, English
Subtitles: Italian


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Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman - The great mysteries of mankind

The 3 DVDs boxset contains the following 7 episodes

When Does Life Begin?
This episode explores what defines the beginning of a life. It is a debate that has raged for centuries. Ground-breaking evidence reveals that inside all of us are traces of cells from our relatives, blurring the lines between one life and another. Technology is now giving birth to new life forms made of surprising components - from droplets of oil in a Petri dish, to conscious robots and to a new global internet-connected life form comprised of all humanity.

Mysteries of the Subconscious
Inside your head is an unexplored world. It holds all that you know, everything you feel, and thoughts you aren't even aware of. Now science is searching the hidden reaches of our minds, decoding its inner language to discover our true mental power.

Can We Eliminate Evil?
What drives some to torture and kill without remorse? Why do seemingly normal people commit acts of cruelty and violence? From where does evil come? Today, researchers are uncovering ways to isolate and neutralize the source of evil in the brain. But is it really possible for science to destroy evil?

Can We Resurrect the Dead?
The cycle of life carries us all from birth to death. But what if we could change all of that? With cloning and genetic engineering, we could bring back extinct animals. Could we also bring back dead humans? Is it possible to keep our brains alive after death? Could we rise from the dead in some strange new form? Can we – should we – resurrect the dead?

Is Reality Real?
Do we live in the “real world,” or is it all in our mind? Our perception of reality is controlled by society. We make unrealistic assessments about our own reality, thanks to “the optimism bias,” a twist of the brain that rejects negative information about ourselves. Human senses capture only a small part of nature, and new physics suggests we may be blind to entire dimensions of space or there could be less to reality than we think.

Can Our Minds Be Hacked?
Our minds store our entire lives, our memories and our deepest desires, and our brains are biological computers. Could brain hackers someday be able to rewrite our thoughts similar to how computer hackers hack email? For the first time, neuroscientists are translating patterns on a brain scan into specific pictures and words. They have learned how to insert ideas into people’s minds as they sleep, and one pioneering MIT scientist has shown he can inject emotions, on demand, into a living brain.

Do We Have Free Will?
What if everything that has or will happen in the universe has already been determined and we are unable to change our inevitable destinies?
Until the discovery of quantum uncertainty, physicists were convinced free will does not exist. Now neuroscientists and geneticists have stepped into the fray, arguing that free will is an illusion thanks to the genes we are born with, the automatic processes working in our brains, and the conforming pressures of society.

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