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How The Earth Works (4 DVDs Box set)
List price: € 39,99
Discount price: € 29,99
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Technical Details

Format: DVD
Number of discs: 4
Region: 2
Product code: cof4062
Run time: 400'
Aspect Ratio: PAL 16:9
Audio format: Stereo 2.0
Language: Italian, English


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How The Earth Works (4 DVDs Box set)

Are there dinosaurs on Everest? Is our water supply disappearing? What is the Ring of Fire? This series features Earth as a living, breathing character as we view its past, present and future. "How the Earth Works" sends the most dynamic and impassioned scientists on an adventure around the world to ask the biggest questions of our Earth.

The box set includes 4 DVDs with the following episodes

Ep. 1, Will Hawaii Sink L.A.?
Liz Bonnin and Martin Pepper investigate how this surfers’ paradise could one day trigger an event that would threaten to wipe out LA. Their search for answers takes them to the fresh flowing lava of the most active volcano in the world, while deep beneath the sea they explore the effect of tropical rains and big waves on the rocky foundations of the islands. At the summit of the tallest mountain on Earth they use the world’s largest star-gazing observatory as a gateway to search for clues on other planets, while back on the ground evidence of catastrophic events in Hawaii’s geological past reveal a pattern of destruction that stretches back millions of years.

Ep. 2, Can Krakatoa Stop Time?
A volcano is rising from the sea in South East Asia with the potential to devastate the entire globe. Krakatoa has detonated with earth shattering power over and over again throughout history – and that cycle continues.
Adventure scientists Martin Pepper and Liz Bonnin head deep into the Indonesia islands to live next to the volcano and uncover its grizzly potential. Combining their disciplines they get up close to the deep scars in the land left by its cataclysmic eruptions and discover this volcano’s true killing power. When Krakatoa erupted in 1883 it was the largest explosion ever recorded – the shockwave was heard around the world. In the field, the giant avalanches of super heated gas and ash and the towering tsunamis triggered by the eruption, still mark the land. Tens of thousands were burnt alive or drowned. But hidden in a poisonous volcanic mine is evidence of a world killer. Back in the year 535 AD Krakatoa erupted on a scale unknown in modern times. It’s spewed out it’s poison suffocating the planet and plunging all mankind into a brutal dark age of famine and plague. Now, the active volcano is back and it’s loaded with the same killer material. It’s not a matter of if - it’s a matter of when.

Ep. 3, Japanese Death Match
Liz Bonnin and Martin Pepper explore Japan, to reveal the battle that rages between the people and the land they live on. Volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis threaten on a daily basis and one of these deadly forces has been predicted to hit Tokyo in the next 30 years. Martin visits the scene of Japan’s worst natural disaster, a 133-foot high tsunami that hit the Sendai coast in 2011 and he rappels a waterfall to uncover the forces that drive Japan’s volcanism. Liz investigates the mystery of the Japanese Atlantis at Yonaguni Island and she braves the full force of terrifying tsunami simulator.

Ep. 4, Will Europe Burn in Hell?
Biologist Liz Bonnin and Geologist Martin Pepper travel to Naples in Southern Italy to investigate the world’s most dangerous volcano, Mount Vesuvius, and the famous eruption of 79AD - only to discover that the three million people of Naples live in the shadow of another much more deadly neighbour called Campi Flegrei – burning fields. It’s a massive super volcano, which is hidden mostly under water. But when it erupted 39,000 years ago, it created a volcanic winter and may have led to the destruction of a whole species: the Neanderthals.

Ep. 5, Will Iceland Poison the Skies?
Liz Bonnin and Martin Pepper explore Iceland to see if its volcanoes could spread global chaos. In 2010 ash from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano grounded flights across Europe. Its big sister Katla is waking up and it has the potential to spread even greater misery. Martin experiences the near vertical slopes of “fire mountain” in an insane 4x4 racer and dives into a raging river to show how the receding glaciers could increase the rate of eruptions in the future. Liz drops 350 feet into a dormant volcano and takes an incredible dive between the continental plates of North America and Europe.

Ep. 6, Asteroid Armageddon
Liz Bonnin and Martin Pepper investigate a giant asteroid impact that many scientists believe wiped out the Dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Tracking down the site of the impact and linking it to a mysterious geological layer took scientists 30 years of research and experimentation. Liz follows the geological clues from Meteor Crater in Arizona to Mexico for a daring underground dive in the heartland of the ancient Maya. Martin uncovers the bones of a horned dinosaur in North Dakota and then travels to California to witnesses the power of an asteroid impact first hand, with the help of a NASA supergun.

Ep. 7,The Rockies Built the Atom Bomb
Geologist, Martin Pepper, and biologist, Liz Bonnin, travel to North America’s most iconic mountain range, the Rockies, to reveal the extraordinary link between the soaring peaks and the uranium that ended up in ‘Little Boy’, the atomic bomb detonated over the Japanese city of Hiroshima, which helped bring an end to World War 2. By climbing the highest peaks, rafting white water rapids, and plunging deep below the earth’s surface, our intrepid presenters follow the journey of uranium, from its formation in the heart of a dying star, to its role in shaping our planet, to the moment the uranium found itself in the Rockies, before the scientist of the Manhattan Project used it in the bomb that propelled humanity into the nuclear age. But there is one final twist to the story: could the same uranium powered tectonic activity that led to the birth of the Rockies, one day bring them crashing back down?

Ep. 8,Ice Age or Hell Fire?
Geologist, Martin Pepper, and biologist, Liz Bonnin, travel across North America, from the remote glaciers of Canada to the searing heat of Death Valley, to reveal evidence of the most powerful geological events the Earth has ever seen – Ice Ages.

Clues left by past Ice Ages give our explorers an insight into the extraordinary influence that Ice Ages have had upon the Earth, both upon its geology and on life. Linking cosmic events to microscopic bacteria and how these events have created the world, and life, as we know it today.

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