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The Lost Book of Nostradamus
List price: € 14,99
Discount price: € 8,99
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Technical Details

Format: DVD&Booklet
Number of discs: 1
Region: 0
Product code: deb7411
Run time: 90'
Aspect Ratio: PAL 16:9
Audio format: Stereo 2.0
Language: Italian, English
Subtitles: Italian


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The Lost Book of Nostradamus

The Lost Book of Nostradamus will show the world… for the first time… a recently unearthed manuscript containing cryptic predictions for the future that may have been written and illustrated by the famed prophet Nostradamus.
This book, called Prophecy of the Roman Popes, lay hidden in Rome for over 400 years until it was discovered at the end of the 20th Century, and may not only contain new Nostradamus prophecies, but may also shed new light on the true meaning of his now famed ones. Our program will trace the journey of the book from the time it was written… to the time it was discovered… and will conduct forensic analysis to determine its authenticity and decode the secrets that lie within its pages. 
It is believed that this book’s drawings illustrate Nostradamus’s prophecies from the French Revolution… to the attack on Pope John Paul II… to future predictions for our own generation, including the current conflict in the Middle East and the Apocalypse. Are these illustrations the key to unlocking the scrambled messages and timelines of his prophecies? And what secrets will be revealed in the few pages of Latin text that accompany the drawings?
This 2 hour special will bring to life the illustrations of this enigmatic book through the use of CGI animation and cinematic reenactment. We will weave the present day story of the ‘mystery’ of the book with the life of Nostradamus and his predictions for the future. In addition, Nostradamus’ correspondence with his favored son, César (who is purported to have delivered the book into a future Pope’s hands before he died) will also be examined for clues to interpreting Nostradamus’s mysterious visions and prognostications. 
Nostradamus has been called a master prophet, and surely few prophets in human history have endured with such lasting power and influence, but he himself wrote that he was not a prophet at all.  But if he wasn’t, what was he? Was he just a clever man who pulled off a centuries-long hoax, or was he truly able to tap into a divine stream of revelation? In examining the man versus the myth, this provocative program will attempt to finally reveal the definitive truth about Nostradamus, and will determine if the Lost Book is the last word of this fascinating man. 

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