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Technical Details

Format: DVD&Booklet
Number of discs: 2
Region: 0
Product code: cof7046
Run time: 176'
Aspect Ratio: PAL 16:9
Audio format: Stereo 2.0
Language: Italian, English
Subtitles: Italian, English


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One of the world’s most powerful scientific theories, natural selection has changed the role of religion, been appropriated for
political ends and profoundly shaped society, economics and the arts.
Charles Darwin returned from his five year expedition aboard The Beagle with some revolutionary ideas about the diversity of the world’s flora and fauna. However, before he could begin work on one of the most influential scientific publications of all time “On the Origin of Species”, Darwin needed to expand his early hunches into a fully formed theory of evolution through a series of ingenious and astonishing experiments.
Jimmy Doherty, farmer and entomologist, follows Darwin’s intellectual journey, recreating ground breaking experiments on in-breeding in plants, natural selection, and some quirky tests involving earthworms and music. Filmed in the gardens and greenhouses of Darwin’s home in Kent, this series rediscovers the science underpinning evolution.
This 2 DVDs Box Set contains all three programmes from the BBC2 series.
Programme One: Dangerous Ideas
Join Jimmy as he explores the work Charles Darwin did before the publication of On The Origin of Species in 1859. Through a series of experiments at his home, Down House. Darwin looked at how seeds can travel the world on ocean currents, and confirmed his ideas about diversity by surveying the meadow next to his home. The astonishing range of plants, over 140, gave him confidence in his theory. The amazing results of his experiments helped give Darwin the confidence to finally make his radical ideas on evolution public.
Programme Two: The Storm Breaks
As "On the Origin of Species" was published in 1859, Darwin continued his experiments, looking for parallels between plant and animal life. In this programme we discover why Darwin attempted to chloroform a Venus fly trap and recreate an experiment following the slow movements of climbing plants. 
Darwin also expanded his work on reproduction, discovering that the offspring of self fertilised plants do not fare so well as those of cross fertilised plants; this worried Darwin, who had married his first cousin. Yet while Darwin focused on the less controversial plant experiments, the debate beyond his garden about the merits of the theory of evolution clamoured for more information on human evolution. 
Programme Three: Of Apes and Men
In the last of the series, Jimmy explores the work that Darwin did on human evolution that he made public towards the end of his life. Having established evolutionary principles with plants, Darwin began work on the controversial subject of human evolution. He demonstrated the similarities between human intelligence and animal intelligence through an experiment in which earthworms were able to pick out leaf shapes from pieces of paper. 
He then moved on to parallels with primates, who he argued were humans’ closest relation, exploring monkeys’ curiosity about their predators and the ability of great apes to recognise themselves in a mirror. His comparisons with his own children revealed much about learning and child development. Finally Darwin was able to conclude than humans had evolved from earlier apes, originating in Africa, a theory confirmed by modern palaeontologists.

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