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Blu-ray Disc
Media voto prodotto 5,0/5

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Technical Details

Format: Blu-ray Disc
Number of discs: 3
Region: B
Product code: bdcof7049
Run time: 264'
Aspect Ratio: 1080 i Full HD
Audio format: Stereo 2.0
Language: Italian, English


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Do you know how your dog uses its tongue to drink? In what exact way a face contorts when punched by a UFC contender? What happens when an egg falls into the pinwheeling blades of a fan? Likely, with nothing but your naked eye to guide you, you haven't got a clue. In fact, there are countless events the world has to offer that our limited senses can't fully appreciate - until now, anyway. In "Time Warp", MIT scientist and teacher Jeff Lieberman, along with digital-imaging expert Matt Kearney, uses new technologies to bring truly never-before-seen wonders into a form that your body can actually process. Using the latest in high-speed photography, the "Time Warp" team takes natural and not-so- natural events and turns them into a thing of both beauty and learning.

The 3 Blu-rays Box Set includes the following episodes:
Dry Ice Bomb
Boston Deputy Fire Chief Jay Fleming and his crew join Jeff and Matt, and their planned turkey dinner, to explore why mixing grease and water can be disasterous. The "Time Warp" cameras capture why you don't want to throw water on a grease fire and why you never, ever want to drop a frozen turkey into a deep-fat fryer. Then, Jeff and Matt demonstrate the awesome, explosive power of dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) when it transforms directly from a solid into a gas. And "Bubble Artist" Keith Johnson and the team go around and inside these mysterious and comical spheres to see just how malleable yet fragile bubbles really are.

Fuel Girls
"Fuel Girls" Helen and Sahar light up the "Time Warp" lab with their highly combustible act. The cameras show just what goes into breathing out 3,000-degree flames. Then, champion skateboarder Greg Lutzka spends a day with Jeff and Matt to teach them a thing or two about the art and science of skateboarding. If you think 180 and 360 degree kick flips are stunning to watch in real time, enter warp time and see just how awesome they are slowed down 500 times. Finally, the team spends some quiet time skipping stones with Guinness Book World record holder Russ Byars. Russ has launched 51 skips on a single throw. How does he do it?
Human Crash Test Dummy
Rusty Haight is a human Crash Test Dummy. In his career, he has crashed his car almost 900 times - on purpose. Jeff and Matt travel to the Massachusetts State Police Training Facility where Rusty will be crashing cars for the benefit of state troopers and local district attorneys. His crashes help officials hone their accident reconstruction techniques and better understand what happens during a smash-up. Then, Matt's up to his usual tricks in the lab. He wants to film speeding arrows hitting a few cool objects. Unfortunately, Matt is no marksman, so Jeff calls in two Junior Olympic hopefuls, Stephany Small and Olivia Morin, to take aim.
Samurai Sword Master
Samurai sword master James Williams helps Jeff and Matt cut through some of the mystery surrounding the ancient art of Samurai sword fighting. Samurai swordsmen were famous for dispatching their enemies with one or two deadly blows that can slice throw flesh and bone. The sword itself had a lot to do with it, but as some amazing high-speed shots reveal, the swordsman himself is a key factor. Then, poolshark Liz Ford shows Jeff and Matt the moves that earned her the title Pro-Am Player of the Year. Hummingbirds have always been a staple of high-speed photography, but no one has ever filmed them in quite the way Time Warp has. At Harvard University's Concord Field Station, Jeff and Matt not only go outside to capture a whole new angle on these flying blurs, but also go inside the bird itself using X-ray photography to reveal the secret behind a hummingbird's precision.
Free Runner
Free runners are urban athletes who scale walls, leap fences, swing from trees, and drop 25 feet onto hard concrete - without injury and using only their agile bodies and uncanny sense of timing. There are no strings or wires attached when America's top street free runner Victor 'Showtime' Lopez drops in on the "Time Warp" team. Then, take 2,000 pounds of cornstarch and water mixed in a ratio of five-to-one, and you've got a non-Newtonian fluid - a liquid that becomes solid under pressure. Don't believe it? Well, you can actually walk and dance, and even bowl on it, as Jeff and Matt set out to prove with hilarious results during their special Non-Newtonian Day celebrations. Finally, meet Martin Waugh, world famous photographer of the miniscule falling water droplet. His still photos come to life in unbelievably beautiful moments as Jeff and Matt warp drop after drop to reveal the science and the sheer poetry hidden in this strange world.
Liquid Nitrogen
Not content with the Dry Ice Bomb they built in a previous episode, the "Time Warp" crew is at it again. This time they're using liquid nitrogen. As a gas, it is odorless, harmless, and as ubiquitous as air. Cool and compress it down in frigid temperatures of -360 degrees, and it becomes a liquid. Anything warmer, and it goes right back to an expanding gas. Liquid nitrogen is dangerous because it can freeze anything in seconds, which of course is just what Jeff and Matt do. Then, the team sets up on a shooting range to test various types of bullet resistant materials to explore just how a bullet can be stopped and how the latest generation, the Dragon Skin, works to protect both the wearer and nearby soldiers or police officers. At the Boston Fire Department Training Center, Time Warp brings the 'rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air' down to ground level to explore how a firework fires. Our high-speed cameras reveal just how fast the black, or gun, powder lights, what's added to create the cascade of colors, and how the fireworks are launched hundreds of feet into the air.
Bull Whip
Did you know you could break the sound barrier with your feet firmly planted on the ground? All you need is a whip. A bullwhip breaks the sound barrier every time it cracks, and the crack you hear is, in fact, a sonic boom. Jeff and Matt travel to Boston Harbor where champion whip artist Adam Winrich demonstrates his skills. The team also captures the trick with the Schlieren technique to show Adam what it looks like when his whip breaks the sound barrier. Then, "Time Warp" goes to the dogs to answer: why do wet dogs shake? And of course, why does it always happen near you? Testing several types of dogs - longhaired, curly and shorthaired - our high-speed cameras reveal that no two dogs shake alike. And in recent years, hockey players of all ages and abilities have forsaken wood sticks in favor of composite materials. Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins joins Jeff and Matt in the lab to put both sticks to the test to see if there's really a difference - besides the price difference.

The "Time Warp" team meets woodworker Steve Gass to examine the destructive force of the table saw and put Steve's new Saw Stop device to the test - with Steve's own finger. Then, Jeff and Matt get their groove on with two break dancers. The dancers' moves may seem to defy gravity and bend physics, but cameras will capture what's really happening behind those signature spins. And the team helps MIT scientists discover why bullets fired underwater go off course.

The "Time Warp" crew captures "barefooter" Kevin Williamson Jr., ranked fifth in the world, as he twists and turns across the water - without skis - at 45 miles per hour. Then, Katana sword-wielding James Williams, the Samurai martial arts expert, pays Time Warp a second visit. Later, the cameras slow down Mike Mangini, a drummer who holds the world speed record with an incredible 1247 drumbeats per minute - over twenty beats per second. Jeff and Matt find out not only how he does it, but also what happens when Mike's drumsticks meet his snare and cymbals. Finally, Jeff, who is an artist as well as a scientist, creates a new masterpiece using art paper, a wire attached to an electrified terminal, and 15,000 volts of current. Fire, smoke, and vapor come together to produce 'electrifying' art.

A fight breaks out in the "Time Warp" lab, but luckily it's not between Jeff and Matt but two professional stuntmen, Ray Carbonel and Eric Jacobus. Fists and kicks fly, furniture and bottles are broken, all for our anatomy of a fight scene as the cameras reveal what really happens in a film fight. Then, Jeff and Matt don their best bowling gear and take the Time Warp Lab to the lanes. Pro bowler Mike Fagan bowls strike after strike, seemingly with ease and certainly with style. Just how he does it is revealed in slow motion as his bowling ball curves toward the center pins with the destructive force of a spinning tornado. Finally, two very unique summer sounds - one innocent and one deadly - and their sources are examined in the Lab. Jeff and Matt meet animal expert and Hollywood trainer Jim Lovisek and a couple of creatures: a cicada and a rattlesnake. High-speed cameras reveal just how these two are able to create their unique sounds.
The "Time Warp" team meets up with Circus Freak Deluxe ringmaster the Reverend Tommy Gunn, aka Thomas Nealeigh, to explore his fascination with traps and his willingness to test them out on himself - starting with the lowly mousetrap and increasing in intensity up through a dangerous bear trap. Then Jeff and Matt go Hollywood to explore in high-speed, how some common movie special effects are created. Oscar-winning special effects guru Allen Hall of Special Effects Unlimited lets Jeff and Matt explore their inner stuntman as they get down and dirty in a series of high-flying effects.
Lawn Tools
Jeff and Matt don't have to head far to feed their time warped obsessions. In the backyard, they capture the whizzing wonder of a weed whacker and what happens when you run over things (including a ham) with a lawn mower. They finish yard duty putting almost everything but wood in an industrial-strength wood chipper. Then, the team runs off to join the circus. Cirque du Soleil's high-flying acrobats has awed millions across five continents, so when the 'circus of the sun' sets up its big top in Boston, Jeff and Matt move the team inside to see what acrobatic magic can be revealed with their high-speed cameras.

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5/5 - Votato da Danilo C. - Siena
E’ molto bello ed interessante

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